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      You’re a sweetheart, thank you so much !

fill out with mun information ;

                                     ABOUT THE MUN

General Appearance.  

name: jamie
date of birth: sept 7th
zodiac: virgo
gender: female
eye color: poop
hair colour: a light reddish brown atm, but dark brown in the winter
height: 5’4
scars: all over -.- i scar so freaking easily.
over weight: probably
under weight: no


color: purple
hair color: sandy blonde [on dudes]
eye color: idk but i really like anything that’s no dark brown. lol
song: Cold Hearted —— Jack and Jack
movie: anything comedy 
t.v show: teen wolf 
food: french fries
drink: soda, but i have these water kicks where i fein water
video game: i don’t play video games 
ice cream flavor: vanilla

Have you…

had sex: yeah
had sex in public: no
gotten pregnant: no
kissed a boy: yes
kissed a girl: yeah
gotten tattoos: no
gotten piercings: yeah, my first ear holes and cartilage 
smoked or drank: drank a few times
had a broken heart: yeah
been in love: i don’t think so… 
needed surgery: no

Are you…

a virgin: nope
a cuddler: yasssssssss.
a kisser: kind of?
scared easily: kind of?
jealous easily: definitely, kind of anal bout that shit…
trustworthy: for the most part
dominate: idk
submissive: idk
in love: no
single: yeah
in a relationship: ^ answer that yourself.

Random questions.

have you harmed yourself: no
thought of suicide: no
attempted suicide: no
killed someone: no
wanted to kill someone: well yeah
who did you kiss last: a boy named jeremy
last text: my first grade friend niching
drove a car: hell yeah
have/had a job: yeeeep
favourite soda/pop: Dr.Pepper, or root beer, or cream soda.
do drugs: maybe weed? i few times, been around it D:

so like a bunch of you guys are drafted, don’t hate me D: 

lol. i’ve been really lazy all day

& i’m hopefully going to hang out with this guy i kind of like.

wish me luck!



"—Well no. But I also don’t hate myself enough to get anything plucked or waxed or tweezed.”

     ”So basically, you’re saying I hate myself?”



"About ten      why?”

       ”Just come find me after the game.”



"Have you ever thought maybe I like my woolly mammoth eyebrows?”

       ”Well—- Do you?”

i’m getting off, because i’m really tired & things have really died down.



"The basement? I.. didn’t know it needed cleaning?" Then again, she rarely cleaned the basement. "I’ll pick you up something while I’m out? I’m going to the store. Is there anything you want while I’m there?" Her sister always knew when she was lying. And she hated it honestly. The same nose flare gave her away easily to the twin. "I’m not worried about Dad. I could handle him if I was."


          “My guns Allison, cleaning my guns.” She pursed her lips and tilted her head at her sister. “Yeah, get me a Dr.P. I haven’t had soda in forever, I’m not sure why Dad won’t buy any.” She shrugged. “Then freaking tell me what’s up. I can handle it.”



"Oh no," he shot back almost instantly. "Elena tried that once, and I went from neanderthal to bald eagle. Never again.”

        “Don’t be such a baby Jeremy. —My eyebrows are on fleek.”



         Derek sighed when Alissa told him exactly what he should have expected from her mouth. She didn’t know and she had used her little puppy dog act on him, he should have known better. He always fell for it though, he played like the big bad wolf but he was was a big softy. “Yes, after she kidnapped me, after I was turned into a kid, after my eyes went yellow.” He added on what else had happened, not that s it would change what she knew about what was going on. In fact Alissa just gave him more questions to ponder though it made sense. He wasn’t supernatural anymore, he wasn’t a werewolf, he was just a human that no longer mattered in the grand scheme of things. “Well feel free to get to researching.” 

            “Derek, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help with that whole situation.” Her brows furred, brown eyes widened. Much of a puppy dog sad face. She hated not knowing things, and not being able to help those who needed help. “Okay so, Scott and Braeden found you in that church, maybe it was something about it that made your powers reverse, like your age.” She shrugged. Her eyes widened, she was no longer looking at the male’s eyes but his shirt, it was wet with a red liquid. “Derek! You’re bleeding!”